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Sicom's New Bluetooth speaker item

Source:Sumwin | Innovative Phone Accessories    Date:2015-06-01    View:
Abstract:waterproof bluetooth speark, travel speaker
If talk about Bluetooth speaker, people maybe will think of Jawbone’s JamBox series in their first impression. But not only JamBox is distinctive, the new model BS019 of Sicom what will be launched in next month is also an unique product.
This speaker not only support iPhone, iPad products, and also support other smart phone and multi-media device which has Bluetooth built-in. The unique flying saucer shape design make there is a more artwork in your house.
Although the size of speaker is small, designer did the best to increase the quality of timbre in the small device. The inner structure of speaker was used the conductive helix, and the whole inner design is a hermetic chamber. Such design had the device increased sound wave and the bass effect was much improved. It make the timbre sounded fine and comfortable.
Another highlight of BS019 is the humanized holder design to make people convenient to carry this speaker when they out of house. People can hang the speaker on bag conveniently when they travel or climb mountain. When people stay at home, the portable speaker also can make people enjoy the music everywhere.
Regarding the package, this speaker was used the crystal box which promote the standard of product and make the product looks more pretty.